Where to play Daily Fantasy Sports?

There are many places where you can play daily fantasy sports (DFS) in the European market. Each of them offers different sports and leagues in which you can compete. We have analysed each site and extracted the most important information in order to help you easily find the one that best suits your requirements.


FanTeam is mainly focused on football. You can play in all of the biggest European leagues from Germany, England, Italy, France and Spain, as well as some of the smaller ones in countries like Scotland, Finland, Norway and Turkey. Additionally, there are competitions based on the Champions League and Europa League. Apart from football, FanTeam also offers ice hockey plays with the Kontinental Hockey League and occasionally the chance to compete in DFS poker. FanTeam tournaments come in various formats: there are traditional GPP tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool, winner-takes-all tournaments and free tournaments where you can play for the real money. The platform also enables you to create your own tournaments where you can decide the rules (type of tournament, admission charge, etc.) and invite your friends to compete. You can register with FanTeam here.


Fanaments is similar to FanTeam in that it is mainly based around football. Currently, the site offers the possibility of playing in the English Premier League, Spanish Primera Division and the UEFA Champions League. They also offer daily fantasy sports games based on other sports in including NBA basketball, golf and mixed martial arts. There are a wide variety of tournament types on the platform including, GPP tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool, 50/50 tournaments where you will double your entry fee if you finish in the top half of the league, and heads-up tournaments where you compete with only one opponent. Fanaments allows multi-entry tournaments in which you can enter more than one team. Alongside the traditional DFS games, Fanaments offers games called Pick’em where the challenge is to predict the exact outcomes of matches. You are awarded points for predicting whether a team will win, lose or draw, and even more if you can call the exact result of a match. You can register on Fanaments by clicking here.

Other sites

If FanTeam and Fanaments are not for you, there are many other to choose from. In the next part we will analyse the other DFS platforms.

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