5 tips for intermediate daily fantasy sports players

tips daily fantasy sports

1. Specialise in one type of tournament.

Daily fantasy sports (DFS) services offer different kinds of tournaments. You can choose from standard guaranteed prize pool (GPP) tournaments where about 10% of the spots are paid, 50/50 tournaments where half of the players win double their entry fee, or winner-takes-all tournaments where only the player who finishes first receives a prize. In addition, tournaments are divided according to the number of players taking part in them. They range from heads-up tournaments where you are competing with one opponent, to 10-person tournaments, right up to tournaments where several thousand players are taking part. Different strategies can be used depending on the type of tournament you choose.

2. Stay up to date with injuries.

A very common mistake made not only by beginners but also by advanced players is the selection of players who have injuries. In DFS, players only receive points if they take part in a match, so you cannot afford to choose players who are sidelined with injury. Before choosing a player, it is worth checking their injury status and there are many sites where you can find this information such as www.injuriesandsuspensions.com and www.whoout.com.

3. Look for offensive defenders.

In DFS football games, goals can gain you a lot of points – especially if they are scored by defenders. For this reason, you should choose full backs who play high up the pitch where they have an opportunity to score. You should also look at tall centre backs who often come into their opponent’s penalty area when corners or free kicks are taken.

4. Keep daily fantasy sports in mind when you are watching matches.

As a DFS player, you should focus on your strategy while you are watching matches on television. Try to analyse different players – their style of play, the positions they take up, and whether they’re taking penalties, free kicks or corners. Look at the teams as a whole as well – do they play defensively or offensively, and do their tactics change according to who their opponents are.

5. Put your emotions aside.

Strong emotions are part of the enjoyment of watching sports but they can lead to failure when you are playing DFS. You must keep a cool head when signing up for a tournament and selecting players. Forget about your prejudices against a particular player or a team. If you fail to win a tournament with a low entry fee, do not play the next one with much more money in order make up your losses quickly. Only calmness and reasoned calculations will bring you success.

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