5 tips for Daily Fantasy Sports beginners

5 tips daily fantasy sports

1. Choose a site with free tournaments.

Some sites offer free daily fantasy sports (DFS) tournaments where you can win real money. Every beginner’s DFS adventure should start with these kinds of tournaments. When you start winning, you can use your prize money to enter paid tournaments without dipping into your own funds.

2. Concentrate on one sport and one league.

DFS sites offer the possibility of playing a variety of sports including basketball, football, ice hockey and even MMA. You can’t be an expert in all of them, so when you’re starting out you should focus on one sport and preferably one particular league e.g. English Premier League. You will earn more as an expert in one area as opposed to gaining average results in several disciplines.

3. Bankroll management.

This is a very important factor that is often neglected by beginners who want to win big money as quickly as possible. When you are playing in DFS tournaments, it is better to be patient and slowly increase stakes rather than play with 50% or even 100% of the capital at your disposal. Start with a small percentage of your capital for your first tournament, and then you will have plenty more to invest in subsequent games.

4. Don’t be influenced by names.

DFS beginners often make the mistake of filling their team with their favourite players without considering price and current form. Try to choose players whose price is not too high in relation to their current form – even if you don’t like them.

5. Choose players who take penalties and free kicks.

Goals are of course one of the most valuable elements of daily fantasy sports. Your team should contain at least one player who performs penalty kicks, and you should also consider free kick takers as they not only offer the potential for goals, but also the chance to gain points for assists.

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