5 tips for advanced Daily Fantasy Sports players

daily fantasy sports tips

1. Follow the sports news on social media.

At the highest level of sport, differences between players become smaller, so every piece of information can potentially give you an advantage over other daily fantasy sports players. You should follow all the relevant teams and players on Twitter and Facebook in order to stay up to date with the latest news. Careful searches on social media can also uncover a mine of interesting information that you can use when selecting your team.

2. Beware aggressive players.

DFS rules mean that the players you select can get not only positive points but also negative points for yellow and red cards. You should, therefore, pay attention to which players have aggressive styles and are often disciplined by the referee. These players will lose you points and affect your place in the league.

3. Look at who your players’ opponents are.

When selecting your team, it is worth checking which team your defenders or attackers will be up against. When choosing attackers, search for an opponent that is likely to lose a lot of goals, while your defenders and goalkeeper need to play against a team that is cautious and scores few goals.

4. Analyze your opponents.

A very good way to improve your skills in DFS is to analyze the game of your opponents. If you see that a player is consistently better placed than you in dfs tournaments, you should take a look at his game, analyze his strategies, and learn how he chooses his players. This will help you to learn new strategies, eliminate errors and gradually get higher positions in tournaments.

5. Create your own group.

If you’ve run out of ideas to improve your strategies, you could consider creating a new group with other players for the purpose of jointly analyzing tactics. The emphasis should be on collaboration and exchanging ideas, rather than winning. The more the merrier!

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