Daily fantasy sports in Europe

Daily fantasy sports games are gradually becoming more prominent in Europe, and there are a growing number of platforms to choose from. We have compiled a list of the best platforms where you can play DFS in the European market along with detailed descriptions. You can view these on our DFS sites page.

DFS Sites
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1 fanteam logo
  • English Premier League
  • English Championship
  • Champions League
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2 fantasybet-logo
  • £5000+ To Win Each Week
  • Europa League
  • Daily games
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3 playon logo
  • NBA
  • Formula 1
  • Cricket
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4 Zweeler
  • Freerolls
  • The Fantasy Champions League
  • Formula 1
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Daily fantasy sports definition

daily fantasy sportsDaily fantasy sports (DFS) are games in which you create your own virtual team and then compete with other players’ teams. Your team is made up of real players who each get awarded fantasy points based on their performance in real matches (goals, assists, passes, cards, clean sheets, etc.). The total fantasy points gained by all of your players are awarded to your team.

For new players, platforms offer free tournaments (called freerolls) in which you can win real money without risking your own capital. As you gain more experience playing DFS, you can try out the tournaments with enrolment fees starting from $1 in which there are much bigger prizes on offer.

And if you’re looking for the ultimate adrenaline rush, you can go for tournaments with enrolment fees of $100 or $1000 where the potential winnings are astronomical. DFS-type games have not been as popular in Europe as they have been in the USA where there are millions of players and some tournaments guarantee up to $1 million for the winner.

What is the difference between daily fantasy sports and fantasy sports?

The rules of daily fantasy sports are the same as in fantasy sports with the difference that you do not have to play the whole season. DFS platforms offer many kinds of games, and you can choose to play only one week, one day, or even one match. DFS organisers set the maximum number of players who can participate in a particular tournament. Another advantage of DFS is the prizes. In fantasy sports you usually need to wait until the end of the season to win, while DFS prizes are often available on the same day.

Which sports can you play with daily fantasy sports?

Unsurprisingly, the most popular DFS games in Europe are based on football. You can choose from all of the major European leagues such as English Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A and La Liga, as well as many of their smaller counterparts in countries like Turkey, Finland and Sweden.

In addition to football, you can also participate in other sports including basketball, ice hockey and even cricket DFS games. For more information about which operators provide particular services, please visit our platforms section.

What can you win

dfsThere are many kinds of tournaments in DFS and the prizes usually depend on the enrolment fee. The freerolls, where everyone can participate and enrolment is free, may offer as little as $10, but they are a great place to learn. Tournaments with enrolment fees starting from $1 will give you the chance to win thousands of dollars.


What is daily fantasy sports (DFS)?

Daily fantasy sport is a game in which you compete against other players. Each player has the same budget to build a team. The players you choose score points in the real world, for example by scoring a goal or defending a penalty kick. The player whose team scores the most points wins the top prize. Games are played on a daily, weekly, monthly and whole season basis. In DFS, you can play for both real money and virtual money.

Supporters of daily fantasy sports often stress that it is a game of skill, not just luck.

What is the best daily fantasy sports site?

That’s a hard question to answer because everyone likes something different. For one person the best site is the one that offers a big welcome bonus and for someone else it is the one that offers a large number of sports.

Is daily fantasy sports legal?

Yes, as long as you play with a licensed operator. Always check that the site you choose has a valid gambling license before registering. Remember however that each country has different regulations on online gambling. It is your responsibility to check if the DFS site is legal in your country.